I want you to live

your wildly intuitive life!

Trust that inner wisdom, even when it doesn't seem to be "logical" and even when you can't show "proof" of how you just know what you know. From little whispers, to magical signs - the universe and you are always in tune. Sometimes we just need a little encouragement to lean in, and really listen.

Living a radically intuitive life isn't always comfortable - but we will never feel fully at home within ourselves, if we don't trust that inner voice & act on it!

How would you like to get love letters every month - from the universe to you?

She marks our days and nights, our seasons, our own ebbs and flows. She pulls the tides in rhythm, like breath, in and out. Drawing in, and letting go. And it is no coincidence that our bleeding cycles traditionally follow her flow as well.

These monthly lunar love letters, are intuitive messages at each cycle of the moon, each month - guidance on the energy of the time. Because the moon and I, both, want you to live deeply, boldly, to embrace the full force and power of your wildly intuitive life. (30 day trial for $1!)

Jessie speaks from her heart with warmth in a nurturing and inspiring way. Listening to her I believe in the power in me and know I’m on the right path to create my dreams.


Just wow...


Knowing how your words flow and are filled with purpose and wisdom, I do believe this will be an excellent tool to kick me along after 12 months living with chronic pain. 


This completely resonated with me


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Notes from my desk...

hey there! 

Hi, I'm Jessie Renee


Writer of words, lover of tea and rainy days, and living a wild, radically intuitive life.

I love to play with tools like tarot, numerology, tea reading, and especially dream interpretation, to help us live a more connected life of flow, and joy, and freedom. But underneath it all is simply a connection to the heartbeat of the universe - a wild wisdom and intuition I believe we all have access too. 

I've always live a kind of radically intuitive life - trust that inner knowing, even when it's tiny and hard to feel, and even when there is no "proof". Even when all evidence points to me wondering if maybe I'm just crazy! Even when it seems no-one else understands.

But looking back, I can just see the connecting threads through all of it - an invisible guidance that makes it all make sense. And I never regret listening to my intuition - even when it was uncomfortable.

Life is always flowing towards the most beautiful outcome. And I want to help you stay connected to your bold faith in life too - to help you stop doubting yourself and enjoy the wild ride of your radically intuitive life!

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