Welcome home, rebel soul.

This is a place for all starry-eyed dreamers to know that you don't have to wait for permission from anyone else to create the life you really want.

That womanhood and motherhood can expand your life, it doesn't have to push your soul-dreams to second place.

You are not only ALLOWED to dream big, crazy dreams, but the world NEEDS you to!


I run three blogs, write novels, and run a web design business with my partner. But I do it all with the philosophy of ease, flow & fun!

I am also a mother of one girl, with another on the way.

Together we are adventurers, sometimes at home, sometimes on the road, but always seeking joy and following the call of our souls to make life beautiful.

Here on this site, you will find the more personal mindset & rebellious entrepreneur motivation. As well as programs on unleashing your own rebellious soul through self discovery, vision, and journalling.

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My Mission & Drive?

I don't want any other woman or mother, for one minute longer, to feel powerless + trapped by circumstance, feeling like the amazing stuff only happens to a few other 'lucky' ones.

Wishing for something more, but not feeling like you can make it happen.

Life is as magical as we felt it was as children + we can create the life we truly want. Even if it’s totally different to what anyone has told us is ‘allowed’ or expected before.


You have a purpose, and your life has its own unique light that only you can bring to life.

We have to be willing to respond to the call only we can hear, even if it means doing things a little (or a lot) differently. And that’s exciting! You want to change the status quo.

But it’s also a little scary.

“But what about practicality? What about responsibility? HOW would I even go about it?”

You look around and see others who seem to find it easy, but that doesn’t seem to work for you.

But the thing is, no matter what anyone else says is the foolproof way to success - the only thing that ever works is being fully true to YOU. Those people, the ones at the top, they found what was really them. That’s what really got them there, not any formula or blueprint.

Creating your own business can be an avenue to both expressing your gifts + self, and provide the freedom to create life on your terms.So I want to empower women to embrace their soul calling, their deepest passions, to feel in sync and in flow - and to create a thriving, freedom giving, successful business - without struggle and burnout.

Your soul already knows the way.

Women like us, people might think we are day dreamers, too whimsical, impractical to really make visions reality.

They may think we are just our roles, mothers, partners. They may overlook or dismiss our quiet strength and our innate power.

But WE will not do that to ourselves any longer!

You don't have to wait for anyone to give you permission - you can give yourself permission to be ALL you truly want to be. No more thinking "Who am I to think I can do anything special?" Who are you NOT to?

Everything that has happened to us, the ways we have been overlooked and misunderstood - they have only crystallised in us the power we have always held.

And now we embrace it and embody it. It IS in you.

I can see it there, even if you don't dare to see it in yourself yet. But stick around, and I will help you bring it out.

Dream your big, crazy dreams again! And watch how your life changes & the whole world with you!

Jessie Renee Intuitive Mentor

Jessie Renée

Intuitive mentor, author, designer & rebel soul.

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