Be You

We are all naked.

The Emperor may not have any clothes, but that is old news.We are more like the child these days, willing to point that out, to not be afraid to say that we cannot see any clothes. And to realise the truth of it.But even more than that – none of us have any clothes. We are… Read More We are all naked.

Aligned Living

Something to Blame

One of the prompts in the 100 Days to Live journalling series is about playing devil’s advocate with yourself; taking some of the things you think you want but aren’t present yet, and thinking about “Why might I not want this?”When I did this exercise, one of my wants was around money. And in thinking… Read More Something to Blame

Rebel Entrepreneurs, Be You

Fiery Soul

I needed to write it, say it, get it out. For myself. For you. Just start writing, let the words come out and bring the truth that wanted to express, even as my mind still worked to catch up.Always working to reign me in.Even as it pours out of me, the feeling, the action, the words.My… Read More Fiery Soul


100 Days to Live?

 Ella (almost 5 years old): How many days until we die?(I was taken aback. I’d been expecting ‘until my birthday’ – the same question that she had been asking every day for the last week as it came up to her 5th birthday.)Me: Oh, hopefully lots and lots of days!Ella: Yeah, like probably 100.Me: I… Read More 100 Days to Live?