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Let it Happen

Let it happen.

You are not falling, you are preparing  to fly.

I heard an analogy the other day that really struck a chord with me. (And you know I love me some good analogies.) 

When you feel like you're plummeting, free falling, maybe you fear you are heading for rock bottom, or just hurtling towards some place you're not sure you want to go - the tendency is to grab onto something, to try to stop it, to try to halt or at least slow our decent.

But what if it's like a roller coaster? And you are gripping the rails trying to slow yourself down as you descend into a dip.

 But you are not allowing yourself the momentum you need to get up the other side again.

Perhaps the speed and shock of this time is not a bad thing, even though you feel that horrible sinking in your stomach, as you watch yourself hurtling towards the ground.

But if you can surrender to it, throw up your hands and release your grip, trust the ride - then this is not hitting rock bottom. It is a huge momentum shift that will rocket you upwards again.

Let it happen. Let it happen. Let it happen.

If it feels like the world has just dropped out from underneath you, what can you do now to embrace it? To trust life? To maybe even have a little fun with it??

What will you discover about yourself within the fear - maybe something you thought you'd never know, maybe a breath of true joy and freedom?

Throw your arms up. Let it happen.

You are not falling, you are getting ready to fly.


Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash