You’ve Got to Walk Before You Run

You've got to walk before you run.

Imagine if a baby decided, "I won't bother practicing my walking and talking and motor skills. I'll just wait until I'm an adult and can just do it all."

Or thought, "It's pointless. I can't walk, so why even try?" 

Absurd and completely not how it works. That's pretty obvious.

Except we do it all the time to ourselves -

 ...forget that there are steps between here and where we want to be. 

Whatever you've got in you now, put it out there. 

Even if its not the grand success you hope for, even if it goes nowhere at all yet, you've got to get it out. To make way for the next thing and the next. 

If a baby doesn't start trying, it would never learn to walk.

If you don't put your imperfect offerings out there, you'll never learn to refine them and grow into them. 

Your creativity will get clogged in a bottleneck and you'll be like a 30 year old baby who never took a few tumbles or made weird sounds in an approximation of speech, and so never learned anything.

(But if you do put it out there, the flow will come faster, the growth will come faster than you ever imagined. It only feels slow because you haven't fully allowed it to happen yet.)

Quit comparing yourself to others. Just be inspired by what is possible.

And then get out there and be you, in whatever weird and wonderful form that takes.

We are all like babies to the Universe. And we are cherished in all our ways just the same.

Like a loved child, everything you do is a delight, and Life itself is willing you on in love.